Mandy Davis

Magic Circle Magician

About Mandy Davis

Mandy’s work with the future generations of magicians is well-known. She is a past chairman of  the Young Magicians Club,  part of The Magic Circle Youth Initiative. For eleven years, 2005-2015, She was editor, of their glossy magazine, ‘Secrets’. Hailed as the finest youth magic magazine in the world, Mandy  helped it to gain international recognition.

Mandy created and ran monthly workshops at The Magic Circle for 10 – 18 yr olds for over eleven years. She now brings that experience to beginners workshops for over tens and teens – either as a birthday setting or part of a summer scheme or weekend festival.

Mandy is currently a Member of The Magic Circle Council, Secretary of The Magic Circle Club Night Committee, part of their Membership Committee, Overseas Regional Representatives Coordinator and Convenor of Reporters for their in-house magazine.

In 2016, Mandy organised, and publicised, the Anniversary celebrating twenty-five years of women Members of The Magic Circle.

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